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Sophia Galaté continues to be known for her rich tone, silky ad-libs, and intimate lyrics. She creates a unique style of music that is both introspective and relatable as it blends with her feel-good melodies and luscious sound. 


Although she is a new artist to some, Sophia has been a musician for a long time, singing and performing since she was a young girl. Growing up, she developed a deep love and understanding of music by listening to  the music her parents played - Motown, Frank Sinatra,  Sade, and Carole King. with her mother. At the age of 9, Sophia remembers hearing John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’ which ultimately led to her love for neo-soul, R&B, and the piano. This love of music followed her throughout her schooling, frequently performing with a confidence and comfortability that was rare at such a young age. She continued to study music at college in Chicago, and fell in love with the city that helped cultivate her love of jazz. Upon graduation, Sophia returned to Los Angeles and switched her attention to the other side of the music industry, management and development. 


Over the past few years, Sophia has helped guide the careers of talented artists (Soulection, Pell, Durand Bernarr, and more) through her own company, The Nucleus, a company she co-founded with three other women. While Sophia loves working with these performers, she felt it was time to put forth her own creativity and talent, and begin her career as an artist. 


Her debut EP, 'SOFIA' is a blend of the sounds that define her life—R&B, Soul, and Jazz. Sophia pays homage to her biggest influences by taking inspiration from D'Angelo's soft vocal runs and melodies, and Amy Winehouse's ability to create timeless music. 

Sophia's music and sound are uniquely hers, and incomparable to any current artist. On her debut EP, SOFIA,  she’s created a new neo-soul feeling for her audience to enjoy live and at home. Notably known for her voice—her tone is luscious yet sultry, and her use of runs and harmonies truly show off her skills. Her lyrics are personal and most importantly, relatable to her fans.

One thing that sets her apart is how captivating and confident Sophia is on stage. She has opened for artists such as JoJo, Soulection, Kenyon Dixon, Gene Noble, Son Little, and has performed with artists at Lollapalooza. Additionally, she sold out her first headline shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Brooklyn, and has already performed internationally within her first year of touring.

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